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Thank you for visiting us here online and to learn more about Intelegencia. Last three years have been the most exciting ones in the making of what Intelegencia is today to our clients, stakeholders, employees and the community. Our vision remains unchanged and it has been to remain focused on "delivering an exceptional Customer Experience" through our combined portfolio of products and solutions. Intelegencia teams across the United States, India and Middle East operatize this vision and strategy by working closely with our clients and our partners in North America, EMEA and Asia.

Financially, we continue to outperform quarter over quarter since our inception in 2009. Our growth is credited due to the continued support of our clients, partners and the dedication of our Intelegencia team. We achieved key milestones in 2011 in growing our business by increasing work with some of our current clients, adding clients in new regions, achieving important certifications, and by establishing strategic partnerships in EMEA regions. Additionally, we embarked on a road to develop unique technology products that would influence end-user customer experience, improve operational efficiencies, reduce operating cost and improve cross-sell/up-sell revenue for our clients.

As we grow with our employees and clients, we must continue to invest in the lives of those in our communities that are less fortunate and unable meet their own needs. We must support the destitute, the homeless, widows and orphans around us as we strongly believe that "To Whom Much is Given, Much is required."

I welcome you to learn more about us.

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Perry D. Chaturvedi

Chairman, CEO and President 
Perry D. Chaturvedi

The work they have done with the at-risk program
has added tremendous value

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