Customer Care

Contact Center is an important channel for organizations to connect with their end customers. Companies leverage their Contact Centers to not only resolve customer challenges, but to also increase loyalty, customer satisfaction and to improve revenue through cross-sell/up-sell programs. Contact Centers are no longer considered cost centers and many organizations are implementing new processes to convert their in-bound and out-bound Contact Centers into revenue centers

The objective of Intelegencia's Customer Care group is to collaborate closely with our clients to analyze, assess and improve end-user customer experience with a focus on Contact Centers.

Intelegencia Customer Care advisory teams work with our clients to ensure that:

  • Contact Centers are established efficiently where operational success and effectiveness are measured using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Technology solutions used by Front and Back Office teams are adequate for Contact Center teams
  • Contact Center staff is well-trained, tooled and there are on-going business processes to ensure an on-going coaching and training environment
  • Contact Center is staffed at an optimal level with relevant skillsets while taking into account peaks and valleys of monthly call volumes and to achieve the desired Service Level
  • Intelegencia Customer Care Advisory group is made up of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who have come from some of leading global firms such as Convergys, Vertex, Amdocs and Accenture bringing together diverse expertise and operational best practices. Intelegencia Customer Care Advisory teams not only provide objective insights and recommendations roadmap, but they also operationalize the prescribed implementations.

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WFM Solutions

Workforce Management is one of the most critical functions of planning and managing a Contact Center. Since the majority of cost associated with a contact center are attributable to personnel, it is imperative to get the just right number of staff in place.

Overstaffing results in spending needless money, while understaffing results in poor service, over-worked staff and the risk of lost revenues.

Staffing a contact center is not an easy task and is complicated further by externally generated work, random arrival of calls, invisibility of customer queue and high service expectation of customers. It requires a systematic approach with attention devoted to major steps like forecasting workload, calculating staff requirement, creating staff schedules and managing daily staffing and service levels.

Our service includes:

    We provide our clients with WFM solutions that meet their needs and demands and help them achieve key KPI's and Service Level targets. The list includes:

  • Creation of Long Term and Short Term Forecasts
  • Capacity Planning for the Contracts to provide the workload requirement over the year.
  • Provide Hiring and Ramp-Up/Down plans to manage Peaks and Valleys during the year.
  • Creating/Reviewing Staff Schedules to maximize service and minimize cost.
  • Intraday and Real Time Management.
  • Vacation Administration.
  • Load Balancing.

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Training Solutions

Intelegencia offers customized Training Solutions designed to support your organization in its efforts to become more proficient and productive. We will work with your company to design a curriculum that aligns your training needs with you business needs to maximize results.

Our service includes:

  • Complete training needs analysis
  • Consulting and execution of training solutions
  • Development of personalized curriculum
  • Enhancement of your existing materials
  • Train the Trainer sessions to ensure effective delivery
  • Variety of delivery methods (instructor-led, eLearning, job aids…)

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